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Insurance. Solved. Differently.

We're Anything But Traditional

It's our job to continually challenge the status quo and understand every aspect of our clients risk, and make sure you understand it as well. That's the SOLV Risk Solutions difference.

When It Comes To Your Risk, The Status Is Never Quo

Because of the importance and complexity of insurance policies, most decision makers default to focusing on price. Having the right coverage in place is a constantly evolving need for every company, not only to be evaluated 60-90 days prior to the expiration of your policy. At SOLV we challenge the status quo and focus first on what is important.

Diligence | Strategy | Stewardship | Implement | Measure

At the heart of SOLV Risk Solutions is IntegRISK, our proprietary diligence and data analysis process. IntegRISK ensures results as we roll up our sleeves, digging deep to proactively internalize the big picture and focus on the small details of your operation, and the implications this has for your insurance coverage throughout the year. We uncover hidden gaps and overlaps, which can create unnecessary risk and extra expense.

SOLV Provides Risk Management Advisory Services to a Range of Markets

For entrepreneurs and middle market companies, we provide a game-changing risk process that no other brokerage firm, big or small, can deliver. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have creatively thought through solutions to risk management breakdowns our clients have told us for years. We solved for “X” and built a risk model and process that is revolutionary in nature.

For private equity and family offices, we provide highly targeted due diligence services to help evaluate a deal from a total cost of risk perspective. Mitigating risk in any capacity is complicated whether it is a complex family organization or a strategic portfolio company. Our process helps guide these firms to help protect profits and legacy.

When it comes to risk officers, we help alleviate the service burden they are tasked with, as well as advising on underwriting, administrative technology, alternative risk financing, and claims advocacy. Our partnership extends beyond a global brand and focuses on execution.